Our “12 cheeses of Christmas” series comes to an end today. Don’t worry, we saved the best for last 😉 Black Betty is the outstanding, unrivaled black-label Gouda that we wait for all year long! Only available seasonally during November and December, she’s deeply rich and sweet, yet retains the savory tanginess of goat’s milk. Smacking with flavors of pineapple, caramel milkshake and grass, she is sure to be the star of any cheese plate. Fun fact: every year Betty Koster releases Black Betty to small, independent cheese shops like ours, just in time for Christmas 🎄

The “12 Cheeses of Christmas” board is available for order TODAY for tomorrow pickup. Email orders to chef@obxtrio.com. The price is $150 + tax and gratuity and will be 3 full pounds of CHEESE! Plenty for the whole family!