Volcanoes Make Great Wines Tasting

Most of us are familiar with trusted wine regions such as Napa & Bordeaux and have easy access to their wines. This has led to an interest in wines from off the beaten path and little-known grapes. This curiosity is how volcanic soils have come to the forefront. Though they make up only 1% of the world’s surface, they make up a much larger part of the world’s great vineyards. Join us as we investigate some of these fascinating regions and their excellent wines and determine if there are some “volcanic” traits that run through these wines from different parts of the world.

Our tastings will be on Thursday, March 3, and Saturday, March 5, both at 6:00 PM and are just $25 per person. The wines will be accompanied by your own plate of cheeses and charcuterie from our Market all selected to complement the wines.

Please be sure to call early for reservations at 252-261-0277. When you call, please let us know the total number of your party so we can be sure to seat you appropriately. The number of guests will be limited so please be sure to call in early to reserve your spot!