If you’ve been to TRiO on a Friday or Saturday evening, chances are Alex has been your server. He’s probably talked you into a cheese & charcuterie board and also some dessert to round out your experience. When he isn’t hustling charcuterie or dessert, he’s teaching at Nags Head Elementary. In his own words, “I’m the Lead EC (exceptional children) teacher and outside of my responsibilities as such I work with the students with “severe and profound disabilities.” These are primarily kids whose education takes place on a curriculum which integrates functional/life skills with academic learning. I self-identify as a “life coach” In the true sense of the word. Everybody’s dad. Go eat your broccoli.”

Please take a look at his wishlist and see if there’s anything that jumps out at you to send his way. We wouldn’t be the TRiO you all love and support without the teachers we have on staff!